Services and Price List

Every dog is different, so I will always have a consultation with new clients before any groom The prices below are a good guide. The dogs coat, temperament, lifestyle, and the owner’s requirements will be discussed and taken into account when advising the price for each groom.


Puppy introduction and pamper package

It is important to introduce your puppy to the salon soon after their second vaccination. Grooming is going to be a part of their lives, so it is good practice to get your puppy familiar with the sensations of the salon. At these sessions we play and get to know your puppy. We take each session in stages, building up to a full groom. We can use this time to discuss clients wishes and advise on any products that could be used at home to help with maintaining your doggies coat

Puppy pamper

We all know that puppies like to find mud, so bring them along for a pamper to get them smelling and looking lovely

Freshen up (bath, dry, brush)


Full Groom

A full groom includes a bath with ethically sourced products, drying, brushing, ears cleaned, pads cleared, claws clipped (if dog allows), cut (with clippers or scissors), and pawfume


Luxury Aromatherapy shampoo and Pawfume for that extra pamper (additional to groom or freshen up)

Nails Clipped

Blueberry Facial – (Gentle cleanser for those special faces)

Paw balm – (For dry rough paws)

Breath freshener – (to makes kisses that much pleasurable)

Hand stripping (please contact to discuss)

Fleas – If your dog arrives at the salon and fleas are detected an extra charge will be incurred to cover the specialist flea shampoo and treatment of the salon after.

Clip off– I always put the welfare of the dogs in my care as a priority so I will not de-mat for more than 15 minutes. If I find this would be necessary, we will discuss clipping, which is more comfortable for your dog and cause them less stress. This allows the skin to breathe and the hair to grow back stronger. There will be an extra charge for this.


To demonstrate good practice I abide by the Animal Welfare Act (2006)